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Transcribing rate per minute

The following rates are calculated for 1 minute of a human generated english general transcription services with a turnaround time of 3 days, full verbatim, good quality audio, strong accent speaker/s, not correcting the grammar, 3 speakers and timestamping on speaker change.

Transcription service companies

The transcribing companies listed below are the same, which are shown in the rates scoring above but in a random order.


A british company, transcribing rates per minute starting from $0.72. Additional fees may occur for full verbatim, timestamping, low-quality audio, heavy accent speaker/s, number of the speakers. Customer loyalty program for 120+ uploaded minutes.

99% accuracy

from 6+ hours turnaround time

Robust transcription editor

GoTranscript website screenshot

Screenshot: GoTranscript website

Transcription HUB

100% human generated service. Special rates for medical transcription per line starting from $0.10. Special prices for educational transcribing services.

upto 99% accuracy

no additional costs for multiple speakers and full verbatim

customized workflow and account management for enterprices

Transcription Hub website screenshot

Screenshot: Transcription HUB website


Manual human services on flat rates. Additional charges from $0.50 to $2.00 per minute may apply for low quality audio/video, strict verbatim, accented speakers, etc..

99% accuracy

36 hours turnaround time

In-browser transcription editor

Scribie website screenshot

Screenshot: Scribie website

GMR Transcription

US based company. Full verbatim, time codes and corrected grammar come with additional price of $0.50 per minute. Background noise, poorly recordered, thick accents, frequent timestamps are concidered for "difficult audio" and higher price is applied.

99% accuracy guarantee

US based transcriptionists

Same day service

GMR Transcription website screenshot

Screenshot: GMR Transcription website


US based dictation service. Additional cost applied for multiple speakers, or express turnaround time. Different rates areapplied for general, medical and legal transcription services.

native english speakers

6 hours turnaround time

98% accuracy guaranteed

WeScribeIt website screenshot

Screenshot: WeScribeIt website


Human verified transcripts by subject matter. 5-minute timestamps, full verbatim and speaker indentification are included in the price. For strong accents, audio assessment report and technical terminology additional rates are applied.

99% accurate

native language speakers

1 day service

Voxtab website screenshot

Screenshot: Voxtab website


US based provider. After transcribing an editor reviews the entire file for accuracy and consistency. Rates starting from $1, proofread from the same transcriber and starting from $2 proofread by a different editor.

Audio/Video to text

100% human transcribed

100% quality assurance

Cripton website screenshot

Screenshot: Cripton website

Atomic Scribe

Human powered English transcription to turn your audio or video to text. Prices start as low as $1,25 per minute. Offers rush service of 1 - 2 business days, standard is 3 - 5 working days. Get discount ordering 1 - 2 weeks turnaround time (TAT). Free help from a project manager. Accurate speaker ID up to 15 individuals in one recording.

personal client portal page

US based

discount service

Atomic Scribe website screenshot

Screenshot: Atomic Scribe website

Casting Words

Online crowdsourcing company with transcribing rates starting from $1 per minute for not guaranteed turnaround time and up to $2,50 per minute for 12 hours TAT for English transcription. Live order tracking is available for you to know what is happening with your transcription order.

confidentiality guaranteed/not HIPAA certified

human + automated service

99% accurate transcripts

Casting Words website screenshot

Screenshot: Casting Words website


Highly rated and customer trusted company. Multiple speakers, accent speakers, difficult audio and specialized terminology are coming at no additional cost. Rush TAT for up to 5x faster.

from $1.25 per minute

99% accuracy

12 hours turnaround time

Rev website screenshot

Screenshot: Rev website

Hess Transcription

Utah, USA based company established 2008 from a stenographer and using only US-based transcribers. The rates include research of unfamiliar terms and spelling as well as a thorough proof-reading.

rates started from $2 per minute

overnight and next day services available

strict verbatim and timestamps included

Hess Transcription website screenshot

Screenshot: Hess Transcription website


All transcriptions are made and proof-read by real people. Offer 30 days payment term for regular customer. Turnaround time starts at 24 hours. Services in 40 languages.

from $0.99 per minute

98% accuracy

free full Verbatim

PoliLingua website screenshot

Screenshot: PoliLingua website

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